Review by Andre / The Arizona Breakdown

The Phaneron will reinvent what you believe to be ‘Animus Complex’. I went into listening to this review with the wrong mindset, I felt like I had a fair understanding of what to expect from the guys in this Arizona Progressive powerhouse, but god damn was I wrong. While The Phaneron does maintain some of the elements of the previous releases such as Immersion, you can definitely tell this album is something different. This album will make you feel uncomfortable, this album will make you feel euphoric, this album will make you stop, multiple times and just say ‘God damn!’, but just keep listening.

The Phaneron is an adventure from beginning to end, while a song like ‘Bow’, with its drudging intensity, may indicate a particular vibe to the album but once again, keep listening. The album is sprinkled with so many powerful riffs, sure to satiate even the most die-hard of death metal fans; what it borrows from the genre, it builds upon with the technical prowess and creative song writing of Jeremy, Nick, Matt and Michael coupled with the brave directional choices indicative of most progressive wheelhouses.
This is an album that demands you sit down and listen to it from beginning to end, at least once; whether it’s the dark carnival ride that is Animals, the guitarwork of Reckoning, or reminders of the caliber of vocalist Matt Turkington is, found throughout Voice Within, this is experience you won’t regret.

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