After wiping the sleep out of our eyes, some make shift baby wipe showers, tooth scrubbins and a quick clean up of the trailer we were so graciously allowed to stay in, we said goodbye to Cali…..but not before Matt had to exercise the evil within him and destroy an ant hill.


On the way out, we decided to just get a quick bite to eat from Burger King. ┬áMike and Jeremy ordered their “Satisfries” but were not impressed…the name doesn’t live up to the quality…but let’s not forget it’s Burger King. Regardless it was much needed sustenance for the drive ahead.


Driving during the day time rules and always feels much safer, duh.


We’re passing through our home-base, Phoenix, only to cruise to Tucson. Makes you wanna stop by your own house to take a dump in your own toilet, but we got a show to play :)!


Finally got to The Rock in Tucson. They’ve got a good stage, good vibe. The promoter Devan was totally cool, she was even kind enough to spare some drink tickets! Looking forward to performing.


Before performing, Jon (Fifth Density) and buddy Jason decided to pose for some erotic Jet Ski pictures. Don’t they look sexy? Add this one to your spank bank (pic credit Matt Bond – Fifth Density).


BrOOtal, below the Morbid Angel poster haha!



I think the was record time for us setting up, we were like a machine, I even asked Jeremy, “DID YOU GET THE BLAH BLAH BLAH HOOKED UP?!”, he quickly replied, “Already done broski!”

I could get use to that.

This was definitely the best performance of the trip and was great to see that some Phoenix people took the time to road trip to attend the show. Sound was good and the sound guy Chase (correct me if I’m wrong) did a great job!

Photo credit to Dylan Troxel (Vivicide/Autumn’s End)

The set went without hang up so that was most excellent as Bill and Ted would say.

Fifth Density destroyed the stage after us. They’re just a bunch of super solid musicians that write cool high energy music, a lot of cool riffs, melodies and rhythms, check them out if you’ve never heard them, they’re from Phoenix too! As people, they’re even cooler!




The eyes….they paralyze me…

After hanging out a bit, sold some merch, talked to some fans, we finally packed up, said our thanks and goodbyes.

I (Matt) drove the rest of the way home from Tucson…listened to the miserable situations people get in on that radio show Love Line with Dr. Drew. There were some stories that we’re pretty depressing about drugs and addiction, but then good stories that made me laugh about awkward sexual encounters.

We finally made it to the pad and unpacked the gear. I think everyone was in zombie mode…we mumbled our goodbyes and retreated to our humble abodes.

Back to reality (work)…or maybe it’s really just a bad dream that we all can wake up from if we keep following our dreams!

Photo May 19, 10 35 08 AM



Thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way, we had a ton of fun and could not have done it without all of your support and good energy – see you on the road soon!