Slept good in the trailer. Stayed nice and cool….but we have a problem now that we’re awake, we are ravenous!

Going to get some grub at The Broken in LaQuinta. Will is gonna get “some omelet”, Jeremy’s getting The Rancher omelet, I’m getting The Boarder check and Mike is getting chicken & waffles.


After breakfast we cruised to Guitar Center to pick up some headphone adapters, then up the hill for a view if the city.





We had some time to kill so we crashed a golf resort pool, had some local ales that were lack luster (but functional). It was great to relax and pee all over in the pool.


Show time…we arrived at Plan B Bar for load in. Jeannette, the owner was very nice and graciously gave us a bar allowance – a few beers are nice and much needed! All set up and ready for our time slot.


Well…the show had some house sound technical difficulties, but our savior (guitarist from In The Name Of The Dead) came the rescue and muscled sound through our set – an overheating house power amp was cutting out so the owner had to keep a fan pointed at it haha! Turn it to 11!

It was a good reminder that a band must be prepared as much as possible to cover as many technical issues as possible. Shit is going to happen that is sometimes out of everyone’s control, but the show must go on, suck it up and just have fun.

We had some interesting feedback from the local Lot Lizard on out set and musicianship…seems as though she thought the guitars should go, “na na na na” and the drums we’re suppose to go “boom-boom-boom!” And not “booooom…..booooom”. Sorry lady but 240 bpm is pretty fast. But what do we know, she’s been punk bands and has been around the block…I only believe the latter was true. She bought a shirt which was genuinely appreciated, but we continued to have differences on how OUR music should be played. Best of luck to Lot Lizard and her new truck driving profession.


After breakdown we high tailed to the nearest gas station, it was 1:42 am, almost cut off time for alcohol! We make it in the nick if time, pulled out some band $ and bought us all some beer and water. Matt set it on the trailer hitch while we all bullshitted – time to go, car is gassed up and we’ve got our snacks.

About 2 miles down the road we hear a CLUNK! Matt turned to Mike and exclaimed that he forgot the beer on the hitch, so we back tracked to find the beer wreck. Sure enough we found all the beer exploded in the road…there were no survivors…


After defeat, we headed to the trailer for bed, but not without some serious laughs while reminiscing all of our pasts.

Tucson is next.