We got the trailer all loaded up, snug as a bug!


Unfortunately our friends at Uhaul only had a shorter 4×8 trailer, but we managed to fit all the equipment.

Most mid-size venues can support direct input from our instruments without having to mic, however we decided to bring additional backup powered speakers in case the venue couldn’t support out setup. The good thing is no matter the situation, we’ll have our in-ear systems!

Here’s a cute picture of our beloved drummer, Mike, sleeping peacefully. Gotta give him proper beauty sleep to destroy the drums!


Even though I’ve lived in the desert since 2001, there’s still beauty in a landscape that us magically desolate.


Kingman, AZ….just don’t stay long….think we found the official news paper of “the clan”.


Mike rose from his beauty sleep and was so kind to make a gourmet pastrami and roast beef. He will make a fine housewife some day!


Along the way we’ve been listening to the sleaziest jazz music, all instrumental….the type of music you could picture some nasty mini pony tail sax player wailing into the mic in a smokey room of feathered hair and 80s leather jackets….so gross, BUT it does make for great conversation…I think we’ll continue this tradition as it keeps us awake and talking smack laughing the whole while.

We’re finally at the venue in Henderson,NV. It’s a dusty American legion type of place, but has a good room and surprisingly a decent sound system. The sound guy is nice, promoter is cool and staff is accommodating. There’s a lot if core music going down, but that’s cool, we’re excited to mix it up in front of some new faces….the room is starting to fill up 🙂


Show was a success! Our sound set up worked great, had some enthusiastic listeners and slung some merch, saw some family members – couldn’t ask for more! Now we’re in route to Cali, going to get there late, but we have some band family that are putting us up for a couple days, which is very awesome.

Day 1 was a success!