“Animus Complex’s album Phaneron can actually be described as if Periphery and Devin Townsend decided to watch scary movies together which inspired them to sonically illustrate Homer’s The Odyssey, but based it off of Karnivool records pressed out of Peyote.”

Marcus Meng 98 KUPD “Into The Pit” Host/Producer 

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“This album will make you feel uncomfortable, this album will make you feel euphoric, this album will make you stop, multiple times and just say ‘God damn!’, but just keep listening.” 

– Andre / The Arizona Breakdown

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“That was cool!” – Doc Coyle, The Ex-Man Podcast, Ep. 6

“The strength of this band and their debut self-titled album comes from sheer musical technicality combined with the ability to craft quality songs that won’t be solely appreciated by musicians. There are enough soaring vocal melodies and more extreme vocal styles to appeal to more casual listeners.”

– Onslaught of Steel Blog (read full review)

“The album flows together brilliantly allowing the listener to relax into its imagery.”

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“The Assassins Creed is strong in this one. References aside, Animus Complex is an awesome newcomer worthy of your attention. Hailing from the desert of Arizona, the music Animus Complex makes is anything but desolate. Although the band is still in the early stages, it’s obvious there is serious potential here. Progressive Metal is the Animus’s weapon of choice. With groove and intelligent composition, they have released about an EP’s worth of tracks”

– The Circle Pit (read full review)